Never has the time flown this quickly. It feels it was only one week since I wrote the latest post. My 30 days of blogging challenge ended unexpectedly to my trips to Scotland and Germany. After my vacations I have just been super busy trying to balance my life between my work, sleep and summer. I don’t want to take too much pressure with my blog as this is not my primary job but I still want to keep creating content as it is very dear to me. Photography and writing is something I really enjoy and I belive my blog plays very important part in my self-development at the moment. 
Most of the time when I am creating the post I fist have the pictures and After uploading them I start to write and many times I end up writing something nonsense or just publish the pictures. Last night I started to go trough the pictures wich I have so much I decided to write the post first and find the matching pictures afterwards. All the pictures from Scotland, Berlin and Frankfurt plus some outfit pictures I shoot just before with my friend is waiting to be published here and on my Instagram and I am already planing a photo shoot for this weekend with my friend. I am also practising my editing skills with old pictures from Italy I still have not properly published.
As always I am making my content quality over quality. I tried daily blogging with the 3o days challenge and after two days I felt uncomfortable. I was stressed to publish something I was not 100% happy with. Even tough the craziness of coming summer has started I want to find proper time to create content to my blog and Isntagram as that is something I really enjoy.




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