The Realness

As long as I can remember I have always struggled with finding the right balance of life. I always live under hard self-control until I get tired and forget to care about myself. Dropped temperatures followed the sunny days  from past weeks and the weather today was more like the fist day of November than the last day of April. Last week was very had for me and I just went trough the day instead of living them.

I have just went trough the past week. I went to work, got home, enjoyed my take away in bed with my beloved Netflix wondering how I can hardly see my floor under the stuff in my room. The situation is not actually that bad. I just forgot how to live. There is nothing wrong with enjoying lazy day and stay in bed but when lazy day follow another one for a week somhting must chance.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog during this 30 day challenge. What I want my blog to be? To whom am I writing to? I want my content to be inspiring. I am hesitating a lot about publishing this text as it is not something I am not used to write about.





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