One Week of Daily Blogging

When I started my daily blogging challenge I allowed myself few days without post as I knew I couldn’t post every day. Last week I managed to post five times and it was perfect for me. Posting five days a week is still a lot but I want to find the time. I will keep posting for five days per week for the next 5 weeks, so I will be anyway daily blogging the promised 30 days.

I could push myself to write post for every day of the week but I don’t want. I have always created content quality over quantity. I don’t publish the post if I am not satisfied enough and I do have days I come late from work and simply have no time or energy as I work 40 hours per week and my Spring is already over booked and I don’t want to write the posts before for days I know I don’t have time as that would not be daily blogging, right?




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