30 Day Blogging Challenge

It feels like few weeks since I posted last time when it actually has been exactly two months. Spring has finally arrived and the time has started to fly. Weeks are running faster than the tube even though the days are getting longer. Overall the feeling of the city has now chanced. Tourists are back and everyone is getting busier, but also happier and mor relaxed as well, at least I have.

Life is good. I’ve been promoted to supervisor and I’m also Coffee Master of my store now. It’s great honor for me to share my knowledge and passion for coffee and in the future I will share some of my love with you too. The warming Sun makes sure everyone get out of the houses and that’s why the spring is the best season to cath up with old friends and make new ones, plan the summer and just enjoy the light after the long grey winter.

Now after a short catch up I will announce this will be first post of my 30 days blogging challenge. I have had so many ideas and starting just feels impossible. In past years I have followed amazing 30 days daily blogging journeys and I just realize it’s my turn now. 30 days of daily posting with no excuses is exactly what my blog needs. I can tell I am more than exited. I listed some ideas and topics I could post if I run out of daily ideas. My goal is not to post 30 days in previously set up topics but go with the flow next 3o days.

If you have great 30 days blogging challenges to share with me or you maybe inspired to start one as well comment below and share your and your friends journeys. I would gladly go and follow them as well.

Love, Aaro


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