Classic Friday Night

02.38am, Sex and the City,  Big Mac and my bed. It sounds like a classic Friday night, even though it’s far from that. I would lie if I said I have spent even one Friday night at home alone during past three months. It makes me laugh. Didn’t I always want to move to the big city and live a the life like Carrie Bradshaw ? No, I actually never did because I think she is a bit dull and that’s the reason she’s my least favorite of the four but there is still something that makes me feel like I’m living her life. Maybe it’s the fact I’m typing this post in the first hours of Saturday, eating takeaway in my bed. But I’m not  a woman, I live in London and I don’t have the non judging breakfast club, yet. I am not her.

It feels weird. I don’t feel lonely, it’s just so different. I have met people new people. I have danced to the morning and I have seen the sunrise at the river Thames more than twice. If someone would had told me that five years ago I probably wouldn’t have belive that. And here I am in the greatest city in Europe, lying my bed writing this post and eating takeaway even though it’s not Chinese. It’s funny that the Mac Donald’s it the closest place I can get food and I just went there for the first time. Maybe because I never spend Fridays at home.

Week ago I downloaded Tinder. I always judged people using it but I just had to. That app hasn’t impressed me, yet, but I will give it proper try. I want to meet new people. Why does everyone either have sex or get married? Anyway, good night or morning what ever the time is for you. I should close my eyes now. It’s 04.54am. If I was opening today I would have just woke up and got dressed, haha. Shine and rise.




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