1st London Photo Diary

I haven’t been posting a lot of pictures, even tough I have taken ones. My family visited London to see me and I showed them London and I had my camera with me, of course. I didn’t take pictures of everything and many times I forgot I had my camera with me. I have over 800 pictures from the 5 days they stayed so I can’t promise these are all the best ones. I just went them quickly trough to find some to edit and share here. As you can see we ate very well, spent time in museums, visited all the attractions and had great time. I will let the pictures speak for themselves and stop the typing here. I will write proper post about The Phantom of the Opera I supposed to write a post when I saw it first time last Spring as well as the Harry Potter studios experience I am still overwhelmed. I am in the flow so there is more posts to come. But first, London.




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