I Never Wear The Same Outfit More Than Once

I know this sounds bazar. I can’t belive it. I can’t face the truth. I never wear same outfit twice.

Ok, maybe that’s not the complete truth but the truth is I rarely wear same outfits more than once or twice. I realized that yesterday when I wore basically this same outfit in these pictures again. I only wore my black Dr. Martens and different pair of grey trousers, these in the pictures doesn’t exist anymore, I fall and broke them one wild night. I also don’t have the sunglasses as I broke them as well.(sniff) So basically I didn’t even wore the same outfit..

My fried took these pictures for me last spring. I really liked the outfit but never wore it again. Yesterday when I just get some clothes I can wear in work I realized that’s the same outfit I wore before. And I really liked it. I’m not shamed about wearing same outfits, it’s not about that. I just have so much clothes (still here in London too) I just make new combinations time after time. Even tough I have the perfect outfit I rarely make the same combination again. Mixing your wardrobe is fun and that’s why I do that. It’s not that I don’t want to wear same outfit again, I do. I just enjoy creating new looks.

And now if someone is wondering, yeas I have uniforms. I work in a coffee shop and most of the time I wear same shirts and jeans. But it’s when I don’t wear my work clothes. I spent the past year in the army so I had so little time in my civil life so wearing same outfits was not possible for me. I had so many clothes and I wanted to wear them all. I used to change my clothes few times a day to wear them all.

I don’t know do I make any sence. This is so random and wired post I should stop writing now, haha. My point probably was to share these amazing pictures and outfit I really like but never wore again.




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