Tabula Rasa

Few weeks ago I wrote post about how I have had the feeling of starting to write more about me and life. Right after I published that post I couldn’t write anything. No words came up to my head. I have stared hours and hours of the white screen of my MacBook without anything coming up. Not a damn one word. My fingers has floated above the keys without touching any of them. I’ve suffered writers block. I made decision to write basically anything about everything and now I can’t choose what to write or not to write.

I wrote few months ago how much can happen in a day in London. One day I asked my colleague to walk with me home (we live in same direction) but we went to movies and ended up to the other side of the city to look the lights of the London skyline with our colleagues. She only wanted to show me one park where we didn’t even go. I went to the club with friend of mine without neither of us knowing Charli XCX was performing there that night. I have had so many feelings I haven’t had before. One week I was in love without knowing why? I am still wondering to who or what I was in love? I only know I wasn’t in love either with someone including myself, London or life.

I have experienced and felt so many things. There is no time to think between things happening. I am not the same person I was when I booked my fight or googled hostels to go at Heathrow airport. Ooh so many stories I want to share. I feel I have get rid off blocks I have had. I am in the point anything can happen. I can be anything I want if I just let things happen. I am tabula rasa, the blank slate ready to get filled. I feel somethings coming and I can’t wait it to come. I have had crises with me and who I am here in London and damn I have more crises coming. Can’t wait. That is life.

I was not supposed to post these pictures to the blog but the white shirt and back round reflects better than perfect this post. My colleague shoot these pictures for me about week ago. We took these pictures to sed to modeling agencies. I don’t know do I want or not to become model. In 2014 I was in the modeling course and I liked it, I was just too young to start my career. Now I am here in London and this is my time to try. Why wouldn’t I? I will keep you in touch if some of the agencies contact me and if this idea of modeling is something for me or not.

Now if you excuse me I got to go. Things to happen are waiting.




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