Blog Update

I have hardly ever written properly about me and my thoughts in my whole blogging history. Few times have I shared my feelings but you don’t actually know anything about me. And the truth is nobody does. Not even me. I never talk about me because I like to listen people. I think that’s more important. Now I still feel like sharing my life more. That’s the reason people write blogs, right? Don’t belive I tell you everything. Everybody has few secrets and subjects they don’t want to talk. But don’t think I would lie to you. I hate people who lies and that’s why always tell the truth.

Friend of mine asked why wouldn’t I write my feelings and thoughts on my blog. Why wouldn’t I? Now in London I try to meet new people, do stuff and explore as much as possible. If writing wouldn’t damage me or anybody else why wouldn’t I write about it. Lets see where it takes us? I am starting a slow and long journey with me and my blog and I want to shear it with everybody who’s interested.

I took these with the most loveliest Austrian girl I messaged on Instagram. We had such a great photo shoot and post photo shoot in Magnum pleasure with the Instagram ice creams in Covent Garden. I will share these pictures properly later. I just love the ’footway ahead closed’ sign in the picture, which I actually put there on purpose. Why not to sill keep going? Who cares? Don’t let some serious people change your right way.

// I’m sorry about the lay out and everything. I will change in fix everything, just give be time and be patient, I am busy working and exploring.




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