I’ve been knowing Byredo fragrances few years now but I bought for me few weeks ago. I was about to buy on last autumn year ago but I got something else than Byredo. I think the little glass bottles of Byredo has been everywhere now for a while and anyone who’s in social media or read magazines has at least seen the bottle.Byredo has over twenty fragrances and there is different families to choose the right for you. Every scent is something you haven’t ever smelled before and that’s the power of the brand. Byredo is differen, something totally unique. Choosing the right perfume is hard because all the scents are perfect and you really want to have them all. I visited Liberty’s several times trying different sent on my skins because these don’t smell same on your skin as in a pice of paper. I wanted something fresh and strong and competition between OUD IMMORTEL, MISTER MARVELOUS and SUNDAY COLOGNE was tough. I am happy I choose OUD IMMORTEL even tough I would be happy with any of those others as well. My next fragrance might be Byredos too, maybe MISTER MARVELOUS to totally something else. I really want them all. Are you familiar with Byredo? Do you have favorite sent? If not google your closest Byredo supplier and go and try and fall in love with them.



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