Sunday Vibes

I was last night at Brighton with guys celebrating the pride and partying so hard my shoes got broken. We took mornings first train at 3.50am Sunday morinng back to London and I was home Before that I went to Starbucks to have muffin for breakfast. I walked fifteen minutes from there to home to go bed and sleep. I love sun rise and walking home at morning after great night when the Sun is in his way up to the sky, most of the people is still sleeping, somone already working when they open bakerys and clean strets.

I slept good six hours and woke up to the light of the shining Sun from my window. Slowly I have been starting my day drinking coffee and went cute ally near me to take these pictures capturing pretty well what casual Sunday should feel like. Even tough I just want to go back bed, I have to go to do my groceries and cook some dinner. And maybe take a bath to get rid of oll glitter still in my hair. I feel like risotto.




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