About Back Bags

30th of March 2017 I arrived London for the first time. At Victoria station  I noticed something I wasn’t a big fan of. There were back bags everywhere. Literally everywhere. It didn’t matter who you were, everybody had back bag. In the tube I spotted plenty of back bags from Dior to Louis Vuitton and brand less and terrible looking ones. I asked my friend why is everyone carrying a back bag and I got answer: ’What, really? Never thought about that’, she herself had Fjällräven Kången on her back.

Since primary school I’ve hated back bags. I don’t actually know why. I just never liked them. When I got my first messenger I promised I will never go back to back bags. I have tried to look different style of back bags but I never liked anything. I never have had anything against people wearing back bags but they have never been turn on either.

15th of June, when I was packing my London stuff I look for this black back bag I used to wear back in the days I was twelve. I am so lucky I choose this rather than one very colourful and printed which were very trendy then and obviously in style now too. I took it with me not only to carry my laptop in the plane but to give it a try. Everyone else in London wear back bags so why wouldn’t I? At home I thought it looked nice but I wasn’t sure will I use it and I couldn’t be happier I took it with me! I’ve been wearing this almost everyday. I don’t say I am in love with this or back bags overall but I like it. I even went to Longchamp to look back bags. I might even end up buying one. Who would believe?

What do you think about back bags? Do you like them? Is it must in the closet or ruthless no?



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