I forgot I’m not Blair Waldorf

I posted some of these pictures on Instagram few weeks ago and for one I wrote ”I forgot I’m not Blair Waldorf”. It was very spontaneous as is writing this post. I just got very Inspired what I wrote. The day I took these pictures was beautiful. I had day off and I was just exploring London and of course shoot these pictures. To be completely honest I can’t even remember what else I did in that day. I only remember I felt amazing. I looked fabulous and I knew it.

We are what we wear. Our looks sent thousands of messages to the people we do and do not know from strangers on the street to the people we meet everyday at work, school and home. People who says they don’t care what they wear and wear the most comfortable cozy clothes can’t understand why people have to try to impress others, but that is not always the truth. Feeling comfortable doesn’t always mean cozy. Wearing fitted clothes may feel irritating but isn’t it nice to dress up for dinner or party? It’s about the feeling of looking good, not cozy. Many times the feeling of looking great beats the cozy jumper.

I hate I always keep saying this, and I promise I will keep saying; people are like books. You can never judge book by its cover but don’t you want to pic up the most beautiful and interesting ones?




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