The Denim Jacket

I broke the memory card of my camera so I can’t take pictures until I get new one, great, awesome start for my 30 days blogging challenge.. I got already depressed where to find content to post but luckily I found this pictures from last spring I never published for one reason or another.

Today has been the warmest day of the year so far and I belive we reached up to 25 degrees here in London as the coldness of  March has finally stepped out. I would say the summer is here as I couldn’t wish anything more from the weather.

I really love the outfit from last year and it gave me a lot of inspiration and I will actually wear this denim jacket I bought from H&M 2013 tomorrow. Even though I really love the heath it gives me and huge struggle, what to wea? I am not huge fan of summer clothing but these weathers doesn’t give me options..






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