There is something I don’t like in these pictures. I have edited these over a few hours now but they still don’t please me. The problem is not the outfit or the awkward poses. I look kind of contrived in these pictures and I don’t like it. I was a bit tired, perhaps, but I wasn’t irritated or boarded at all. There is something in my expression I really hate.I could write about how I like this outfit. I could write about the pink scarf and my current obsession to the color pink. I could write how lighter colors make me feel better and tell one or two stories about my favourite pair of shoes from Tommy Hilfiger. I love to write about fashion and my style, show you my favorite pieces, give advises and tell stories but that is not what I want to write about today. There have been posts where I have described my looks and many of them have been very real. I’ve been truly excited about Gucci silk scarf, leopard coat, and told you honestly how I feel about wearing head to toe black, but too may times I have just written something pretentious about the look the just to have something you to read. Writing something from the perspective I don’t feel like doesn’t motivate me.

A few years ago I realized I could get something bigger out from my blog. I dreamed about bigger influence, decided to take blogging more seriously and blogging became harder and I become more reserved. The best posts is born by writing with the thoughts going trough my mind. Nowadays I think quite lot what I write and unfortunately I have written post without being fully with in it. I haven’t lied but the style I write is not always hundred percent me. I thought about posting only the pictures because describing the outfit would only cause terrible text, but I wondered my expressions and it raised up these feelings and I just wanted to write them down. I bet this will be one of my favorite posts from this spring. It is crazy how writing your thoughts can make you so much more motivated.

I’m still kind of lost with my blog. I don’t have clear direction or vision to follow and that greats me the writer’s block. I stop writing and posting. I shoot pictures but they stay unpublished. My situation has its influence of course. I am in the army so  I don’t have all the time and motivation I would have in my regular life. I don’t want force me to blog. I blog because I love to do it. When I don’t know what to write, even tough I have the ideas,  I easily get sad and don’t open the blog for days or weeks. I have plenty of ideas, but I am missing the bigger view about what I want my blog to be. I have lots inspiration at the moment and I won’t let it down this time. I will write and post different type of post and we will see where it get us. For a while I will forget the ideal idea of my blog and go with the flow.

Even though I might seem I was a bit sad I am happy. I am very happy actually. And I truly hope you are too!




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