The Real Fashion Week

#fashionrevolution I’ve been knowing about this week coming but honestly I didn’t know it is 24.4-30.4.2017 this week. I have this week off from the army and have plans, but I obviously I rescheduled my week again. I am busy but I have to write quickly and tell you I am in, and you should too. As you know fashion plays a big part in my life even tough I haven’t written that much about it, the fashion revolution is very actual for me.  because during the past year I have been more interested but

During the past year, I’ve become more interested about the origin of our clothes, companies and how everything really works. I’ve seen few documentaries and read articles but I don’t know enough to tell and educate you guys. The world of fashion is complicated, twisted and things definitely are not what brands try to sell and tell us and I am not talking only about fast fashion which fashion revolution week is basically all about.

Fast fashion. I love the idea of cheaper clothes, available to everyone but the more cheaper the clothes become, the bigger the real cost of them gets. I am talking about the people who makes our clothes. I hate the business idea of fast ”clothes”, it has nothing to do with fashion and design anymore. It is all about business, making a high profit to the company owners, while the workers and environment suffer.

I really have to run now, I apologize the fast written text but this is really important. After reading this post go to and read more about this week, your local events and support you can give. There is a fun global challenge to challenge our clothing companies to show who make our clothes. Check also the true cost and just google fast fashion and learn more about or beloved companies like ZARA, H&M and Top Shop/Man.

Clothes is made by Real People.




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