on/off Spring

I thought I wouldn’t publish these pictures but it had snowed during the night again, so it is ok to publish winter pictures, haha. It has been five weeks of shining sun and raining snow.  The spring in Finland is quite early, snow in March isn’t unusual, it just feels terrible when the ground is one day clear of snow and next day full of it.The real thing I wanted to write about was the people. We were on Friday at the restaurant and during our dinner, someone had painted the windows of the restaurant. Actually, they had sprayed half of the block with white paint and I can’t understand why do people do that. The costs of cleaning are humongous. I would understand, totally still not accept if they had something to say like ”don’t eat the meat” or ”fuck the politics” but just trashing the city is something I just can’t get. If someone is in need of paper, please mail me and I will sed you paper and pens to draw with. Just don’t graffiti the city, thank you.// I wrote this article on Sunday but didn’t have time to finish it. Now it has shined whole day and there is no snow left from the weekend.





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