Mini Blinis & Chocolate Trilogy

Since the beginning of the year we supposed to go to the Roux with my papa, for blinis and yesterday, we finally went, mainly because the mini blinis with roes and sour cream were the only blini dish left at the menu. I have ever eaten blinis even tough my mom and her friend make them sometimes. And gosh they were delicious. Crispy but soft inside with tree types of roes and Cava, of course. We ordered few extra blinis and after that were full enough to just order dessert.The legendary Chocolate trilogy has been on the menu since the beginning but I have ever taken it before. Chocolate desserts are not usually my favorites but how could I resist chocolate fondant? The dessert was heaven on earth and I was ready to die. I understand very well why people almost lost their tempers when they tried to take the chocolate trilogy off from the menu. The combo of chocolate fondant, chocolate marquise and white chocolate mousse with strawberry sauce was perfect. The common problem still is you usually don’t have any room for it – the chocolate trilogy is a quite big dessert after serval courses of delicious dishes.

If you like good quality food and the best service you can imagine the Roux is the place to go in Lahti.





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