The Leopard

I bought this coat about a year ago for my penkkari costume. I dressed up for my version of Cruella de Vil and the fur(faux) was only coat to wear. After that, the coat laid on my wardrobe until last fall I started to use it when I took the dog out. The coat is long and warm and perfect to throw on and go to the midnight walks. I liked how the coat moved and felt so I tried it with few outfits and it worked very well. I started to use it and it was perfect for the cold winter days. It was an easy way to update basic white t-shirt and jeans combo to more trendy look. The coat started many conversations and my friends offered to buy it and I had to say no, hah

Now it is time to say see you soon and pack the Leopard with my other winter coats and clothes and take them down to the basement to wait next fall. Luckily there is a new spring coat to replace the empty spot of the leopard.





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