Fell in Love with London

Who remembers this post about sixth months ago from Stockholm? Week ago I left Finland for London for few days and fell in love with London and I am ready to forget Stockholm. Not really, but London interests me more than Stockholm. I’d never been in London before and that’s why I was so excited about that. London has always been one of those ”I want to visit, but not in my top 5 next destinations” – list, but I always have been sure I will eventually fall in love with the city, and that is exactly what happened. It was my first and definitely not my least visit to London and when I’m honest, and I always am, I might go back there sooner anyone could even think about it (;I went London to take the högskoleprovet(The Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test), the same exam I took last fall at Stockholm which is the admission to apply to higher education to Sweden. I could apply with the results of my finals from Finland as well but my results are not high enough to get me into the university and program I want, so I have to take the högskoleprovet and apply in with it.

So basically I am applying to Sweden but I went to London to take the test confusing, right?

I supposed to go to Stockholm to take the test like last autumn but I saw the exam was possible to take outside of Sweden in other major cities in Europe as well, so I went to London instead of Stockholm. I could have done the test in Finland as well but the location of the exam in Finland were in Åland Islands wich is quite difficult to get. So I flew Thursday morning from Helsinki to the Gatwick airport and left London this Monday so I had plenty of time to explore the city and most importantly to see my friend who studies there. I stayed at her room so I didn’t need to spend a fortune to the hotel. 
I had hardly any plans for the weekend. I had a big list of the things I would like to do but I knew my time was limited and I didn’t want to take any pressures so I went with the flow so I wouldn’t be disappointed about thighs I had no time to do, wich by the way, was a very good idea. One of the absolutely must to do thigs still was a West End musical and I wanted to see the Phantom Of The Opera, wich we enabled to get tickets. I will write an own post for the Phantom later on. There is so many stories to tell but unfortunately, I have no time to tell any of those now but don’t worry, this won’t be the only post from London.

Obviously, I had my camera with me and I took plenty of pictures but there is no photo of me, except the selfie with the Big Ben, because I didn’t feel like shooting outfits. I kind of feel bad we didn’t shoot and kind of not. It would be great to post here and Instagram outfits from London but it was fun not to shoot, just go on and see as much as possible. So the pictures I took is all about the London, Architecture, and food, very tourist, hahaa.




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