What I Wore 2016

End of the year means always going trough the past year. I have written a post about the highlights of the year 2016 and I will post it later tomorrow. Today it’s time to go trough four of my favourite outfits from each season of this year. It was great to make these collages and remember what I had worn during the year. We can notice the black trench coat was my favourite item of clothing, at least the most worn one. I have many other overcoats and jackets but somehow I just wore the black trench over and over again. It just go with everything, no matter what I have on, the trench makes it look great and I’m ready to go.
In Spring I obviously was in love with blue jeans, I still am. Blue is definitely my favourite colour when it comes to the clothing. Navy has to be my favourite, but I love the brighter shades as well. I’m obsessed with these light colours, to be honest colours overall. Somehow it is still quite hard to wear colours during the darkest times of the year. Is it because all the warm clothes just append to be colourless and dark or because that’s what we are used to put on?

Summer 2016. I went to the army and cut my hair. You can see the great difference between the first and the rest of the pictures, I like it. even tough I’m growing my hair back, I am so happy that I cut it to the  short cut and I can promise that one day I will do it again. It look very sharp don’t you think? As you can see I love to wear jackets on my shoulders. I had pictures on that denim jacket on my shoulders as well, haha. In summer this is quite practical. It’s windy or get cold in evening but not too war as it would bee women properly. There you can see the hang of my hair. I realy like it in these tree pictures Reetta took one afternoon at the end of summer. I just love em.

Unfortunately when the September comes with cooling temperatures our outfits starts to get darker and darker just like the light of the day. I have quite strong opinion about the color black but obviously I still wore it quite much. Back coat or jeans are fine, but all-in-black is not my style. I love colors and want to wear them more in coming year, black is great and easy, but boring as well. Lucily there is some color in the flower shirt and Gucci scarf I wore to death during the autumn months. I promise you will see those so much more in coming spring/summer


December came with the snow and it inspired me to shoot winter outfits one afternoon with Iina. Even these has a bit Christmas vibes I woul wear sill these. Iina so why not publish them as well?

You can spot the same black trench coat again, but I haven’t were it that much this season as last. Back jeans I have had on almost everyday and thats something will change. . Luckily there is more color, and will be in the future. I am just so boarded to black. Black is fine, but it doesn’t inspire me. Last weekend I went trough my clothes and I promise there will be everything else but black coming.




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