Highlights of 2016

The year 2016 has come to its end and I want to share the best moments of the year with you, like everyone else does. It was fun to write and search the pictures for this post and remember what I’ve done during the year. I can say I had great year and I am happy how I spent it.


I have to start with blogging. During the year my blog has become more important for me. It’s become a bit more personal and it will continue its growing, just like me. There has been ups and downs but overall I couldn’t be happier. I will write a proper post about how this year went here on my blog and how I reached the goals I set at the begging of the year.


I have to mention photography too even though this isn’t certain highlight, I have had the great moments in front and behind the lens. I always loved to take pictures but during the year I have really started to enjoy about beeing in front of the camera. It’s not that awkward and uncomfortable anymore. I don’t care about people passing, I don’t think about them at all. In a busy street I might first feel a bit shy but when the pictures look great, I forget all that and start slaying. I don’t care about the people stopping to stare or saying rude comments like ”do you have to take those pictures here?” (obviously, daah) doesn’t effect me anymore. The next step is to get more flexible with the camera and update the posing game.


The day I’ve been waiting since forever. In Finland, our high school ends in February when we start to prepare and study hard for the Matriculation Examination – the finals. There are lots of traditions but the biggest is Penkakri day when abiturients(seniors) dress up, with or without themes, throw candy in the school and troll everything. Then we all get int the lorries and drive around the city and throw more candy to the parents and everyone who has come to watch us. That was one of the best days of the year, and probably one of the best in my life as well. There is the picture of me and few of my friends dressed up as family DeVil #squadDeVil4ever! (I have that leopard coat, and will wear it during the winter, can’t wait to get some outfit shot and shared with you guys.)


Something I had waited so long. Even tough Paenkkarit was the day I waited for my whole childhood the graduation day was still more important for me. Even tough I loved high school and it was one of the best years of my life, for now, the graduation was always in my mind. The day was perfect all my family and relatives came to celebrate me to our home and I spent the evening in the city with my friends and all other new graduates students of my city. Such a memorable day.

Picnic with my Friends

The spring and summer were time to spend it with my friends before they left schools around Finland and the world. At the beginning of July I went to the army and after that, I have had hardly any time to see anyone. Picnics was definitely the summer 2016 thing and it will be in 2017 as well. Nothing can be any better than an afternoon in the park, with great food, drinks and the best of people. In midsummer, we went to the harbor and had a quite lavish brunch with real plates of course and food from strawberries to the fries from Mc’Donalds.


I was Stockholm twice this year. Once at the cruiser with all seniors of my high school and it was amazing – last time together with the best people. Of course, it was memorable and one of the highlights of the year, but the real highlight was in November when I took a flight to Stockholm (first time abroad alone) to take the högskoleprovet. I didn’t get the best scores but that wasn’t my pan tough. I went there for vacation and well, to see how the exam is and now I’m really started preparing for the same exam I will do in April. I fell in love with Stockholm and can’t wait to get back there in spring.


I feel the December is always the ultimate grand finale of the year with Christmas, New Year’s Eve and in my case: my birthday, hah. The whole month of December feels magical with the Christmas hype, I love.



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