It is since forever I last time have written anything. It feels awful, like writing and publishing the first posts for the first time, and kind of I am. If you are on this will be the last post you will ever read here. I have finally moved to my domain so click here to switch to the new blog. This is not a fresh start really, I don’t want it to be.  Moving to the WordPress have been on my mind few years now and finally, I made it. I am working with something I started years ago so all the old post will be available and I actually have revealed even more of the old posts for you to read.  I believe starting things again and again will just lead to nothing. We need to make things already existing work like Tim Gun would say -to reach what we want and already have started. There is no reason to hide the past. So if you still are on, click the link, NOW!

You are on, right? Good. Wasn’t that quick? The transforming tough was nor fast or easy at all. Even tough I have installed the WordPress and it works pretty well now on, there is awful lot to do with the layout, categories and archives to start with -the website is not ready yet. I’m sure it never will be. I think blogging is work-in-progress and when the blog reaches the point of the ultimate perfection it is time to stop blogging and start doing something else. I believe that the layout tough can be perfect and mine is not there yet, but I just couldn’t wait it anymore. And why would I?

I’ve been full of inspiration since the December but I haven’t written or published even pictures I have shoot with my friends.  I wanted to manage the move first and then start posting when the website would be perfect. Nothing is ready yet but I just can’t wait anymore. I’m still creating the layout and sites but I want to post and write. And end this break I was not supposed to have. I have been edited this post already few days now. Like I wrote before: it feels like writing the first post. I know this feeling will pass in soon when I get back to the ”normal” posting. Normal in dittos because I don’t have any certain schedule, never have had and probably never will have.

My original plan was to launch the at the beginning of 2017, but I messed it up with the domain registration to WordPress: I created not blog and account (for the ones who doesn’t know, there is a major distance between those two platforms). With hours of sweat and days of fight, I managed to transform everything, including the original blog from blogger to the I know it wouldn’t be that hard if I would have read more or have asked help from someone to do these easy things and I saved a lot of time and nerves, but I wanted to do everything by myself. I tried even to code the theme few weeks but with my skills, wich are terrible,  it was a bad idea so I ended up buying very customizable theme I have worked with. There is a terrible lot to do,  but for now I am happy with the chaos I have. Later when I have time I maybe will learn to code the website or hire someone to do it, so it could be 100% my own.



The year 2016 has come to its end and I want to share the best moments of the year with you, like everyone else does. It was fun to write and search the pictures for this post and remember what I’ve done during the year. I can say I had great year and I am happy how I spent it.


I have to start with blogging. During the year my blog has become more important for me. It’s become a bit more personal and it will continue its growing, just like me. There has been ups and downs but overall I couldn’t be happier. I will write a proper post about how this year went here on my blog and how I reached the goals I set at the begging of the year.


I have to mention photography too even though this isn’t certain highlight, I have had the great moments in front and behind the lens. I always loved to take pictures but during the year I have really started to enjoy about beeing in front of the camera. It’s not that awkward and uncomfortable anymore. I don’t care about people passing, I don’t think about them at all. In a busy street I might first feel a bit shy but when the pictures look great, I forget all that and start slaying. I don’t care about the people stopping to stare or saying rude comments like ”do you have to take those pictures here?” (obviously, daah) doesn’t effect me anymore. The next step is to get more flexible with the camera and update the posing game.


The day I’ve been waiting since forever. In Finland, our high school ends in February when we start to prepare and study hard for the Matriculation Examination – the finals. There are lots of traditions but the biggest is Penkakri day when abiturients(seniors) dress up, with or without themes, throw candy in the school and troll everything. Then we all get int the lorries and drive around the city and throw more candy to the parents and everyone who has come to watch us. That was one of the best days of the year, and probably one of the best in my life as well. There is the picture of me and few of my friends dressed up as family DeVil #squadDeVil4ever! (I have that leopard coat, and will wear it during the winter, can’t wait to get some outfit shot and shared with you guys.)


Something I had waited so long. Even tough Paenkkarit was the day I waited for my whole childhood the graduation day was still more important for me. Even tough I loved high school and it was one of the best years of my life, for now, the graduation was always in my mind. The day was perfect all my family and relatives came to celebrate me to our home and I spent the evening in the city with my friends and all other new graduates students of my city. Such a memorable day.

Picnic with my Friends

The spring and summer were time to spend it with my friends before they left schools around Finland and the world. At the beginning of July I went to the army and after that, I have had hardly any time to see anyone. Picnics was definitely the summer 2016 thing and it will be in 2017 as well. Nothing can be any better than an afternoon in the park, with great food, drinks and the best of people. In midsummer, we went to the harbor and had a quite lavish brunch with real plates of course and food from strawberries to the fries from Mc’Donalds.


I was Stockholm twice this year. Once at the cruiser with all seniors of my high school and it was amazing – last time together with the best people. Of course, it was memorable and one of the highlights of the year, but the real highlight was in November when I took a flight to Stockholm (first time abroad alone) to take the högskoleprovet. I didn’t get the best scores but that wasn’t my pan tough. I went there for vacation and well, to see how the exam is and now I’m really started preparing for the same exam I will do in April. I fell in love with Stockholm and can’t wait to get back there in spring.


I feel the December is always the ultimate grand finale of the year with Christmas, New Year’s Eve and in my case: my birthday, hah. The whole month of December feels magical with the Christmas hype, I love.


End of the year means always going trough the past year. I have written a post about the highlights of the year 2016 and I will post it later tomorrow. Today it’s time to go trough four of my favourite outfits from each season of this year. It was great to make these collages and remember what I had worn during the year. We can notice the black trench coat was my favourite item of clothing, at least the most worn one. I have many other overcoats and jackets but somehow I just wore the black trench over and over again. It just go with everything, no matter what I have on, the trench makes it look great and I’m ready to go.
In Spring I obviously was in love with blue jeans, I still am. Blue is definitely my favourite colour when it comes to the clothing. Navy has to be my favourite, but I love the brighter shades as well. I’m obsessed with these light colours, to be honest colours overall. Somehow it is still quite hard to wear colours during the darkest times of the year. Is it because all the warm clothes just append to be colourless and dark or because that’s what we are used to put on?

Summer 2016. I went to the army and cut my hair. You can see the great difference between the first and the rest of the pictures, I like it. even tough I’m growing my hair back, I am so happy that I cut it to the  short cut and I can promise that one day I will do it again. It look very sharp don’t you think? As you can see I love to wear jackets on my shoulders. I had pictures on that denim jacket on my shoulders as well, haha. In summer this is quite practical. It’s windy or get cold in evening but not too war as it would bee women properly. There you can see the hang of my hair. I realy like it in these tree pictures Reetta took one afternoon at the end of summer. I just love em.

Unfortunately when the September comes with cooling temperatures our outfits starts to get darker and darker just like the light of the day. I have quite strong opinion about the color black but obviously I still wore it quite much. Back coat or jeans are fine, but all-in-black is not my style. I love colors and want to wear them more in coming year, black is great and easy, but boring as well. Lucily there is some color in the flower shirt and Gucci scarf I wore to death during the autumn months. I promise you will see those so much more in coming spring/summer


December came with the snow and it inspired me to shoot winter outfits one afternoon with Iina. Even these has a bit Christmas vibes I woul wear sill these. Iina so why not publish them as well?

You can spot the same black trench coat again, but I haven’t were it that much this season as last. Back jeans I have had on almost everyday and thats something will change. . Luckily there is more color, and will be in the future. I am just so boarded to black. Black is fine, but it doesn’t inspire me. Last weekend I went trough my clothes and I promise there will be everything else but black coming.





Christmass has been over for a while even though I won’t admit that. Maybe, because I usually have continued the Christmas till the New Years Eve spending the days doing nothing in my pyjamas, reeding books with chocolate and of course seeing my friends. Past years I’ve went to Helsinki for the Christmas sales and the city has been crazy. There has been more people than the days before Christmas which I found quite funny. Unfortunately I’m back in the barrack and had to open my computer and get back to work. Not that I don’t want to write, vice versa, but I would rather live in the illusion of Christmas with dozens of blankets and mulled wine.

I had great Christmas with my family and friends. My Christmas was very traditional mainly because I wanted it to be. Even though the traditions will change and new come, I want to treasure the old ones as much as I can, so I spend the Christmas Eve first at my moms and then in my grandmas just like the past years. Unfortunately I didn’t see my grandpapa and papa because they wren’t in the city.  Even tough I want to see everyone,  obviously, I won’t judge if someone doesn’t want to have traditional Christmas. , everyone can spend their Christmas whee they what and how they want. I’m not ready to leave my hometown to spend the christmas somewhere else, yet.

In Christmas night I went to the church with my sister and our friends and stayed up till the morning in one of our friends kitchen just talking and catching up. The Christmas Day party at Seurahuone, hotel in my city with legendary parties in Christmas and the graduation day in summer, was amazing. I was there last year too so I suppose we can keep it as a tradition, right? Everyone was there and I had so much fun. Definitely the party of the year, again.

So this was my Christmas 2016. I took pictures only the Christmas Eve with the magical feeling Christmas come in with. This year was also the first one I was more excited about giving than getting presents. I feel the ones I gave was quite personal and some of them very sentimental as well. I my self got lots of chocolates and books, the ones I wanted, so I couldn’t be happier.






Don’t know what to wear on Christmas? Don’t worry, I do either. On Christmas I have always chosen my outfit by the feeling I have at the moment. The key to best Christmas outfit is to feel good. If you feel good, you look good. Choose your outfit that make you feel cozy or million dollar depending your plans. What you wear has a great impact on how you feel.
This is the outfit I will probably wear on Christmas day, when I go to the club with my friends. Going out on Christmas day might seem weird but in Finland the Christmas Eve is the day we really celebrate the Christmas with our families and the Christmas Day is the time to stay home, see relatives and yes, go out. I want to look great but also feel comfortable so I will wear white shirt with black jeans, classic combo the can’t ever go wrong and look festive and the most important feels good, if the jeans fit well and shirt is tailored like those should be. Wear the classic items you already have and style it with red, green and gold details and accessories, if you want. You really don’t need to buy the new velvet suit or Christmas jumper.  Forget the too tight cloths you have, Christmas is all about feeling good.